Quattro Plant B.V., PO Box 1259, 1430 BG Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)297 515670, E: info@quattroplant.nl


About us

Quattro Plant is a renowned supplier of house plants, garden plants and nursery products. After being purchased at various auctions or directly from the best growers, these products are channelled to the wholesale trade, retail sector and garden centres both inside and outside Europe.

Thanks to long-standing relationships that we have developed over the years with numerous growers and suppliers, our product range is not only exceptionally broad but also unique. Extensive experience with logistics systems, our large database and our easy-to-use, always real-time, up2date webshop enable us to guarantee the best quality and the freshest plants at the lowest prices.

Our smart digital environment is designed to immediately handle the most detailed transactions. Each item undergoes a quality check both on arrival and shipment. We ensure that you always have real-time insight into the status of your order and, thanks to product photos and descriptions, always know exactly what you have bought.

Close contact between OUR PURCHASERS and sellers ensure a fast response to SUPPLY AND DEMAND.


Quality involves more than just plants. After all, you not only want the most beautiful plants, you also want them delivered in a fast and carefree manner. As this requires product knowledge and insight into the logistics chain, Quattro Plant uses the most experienced and expert account managers. Also, you can benefit from our advice, which is based on a wealth of product and market information accumulated over the years. This guarantees you an optimal price-quality ratio.



Quattro Plant recognises the importance of personal contact with customers. Despite ongoing digitising, you can always contact our account managers in case of specific questions and comments.

We are one of the first to have designed our webshop to enable real-time updating, which means that you can always rely on the information shown to be current and accurate. Everyone, both you and us, can see at any time what is going on. Not only can customers always view the exact status of their order, but also have the certainty that the delivered products will be exactly like those ordered.

The fast and carefree processing of your order is our priority. On arrival, every item is inspected by one of our employees. What’s more, you can use the information that we gather on your order, for example, for the digital sales of the product while it is still in transit.

Finally, our inventory is linked to various webshops, into which growers and suppliers can upload their stock, from which we select products of the highest quality.

The most important benefits for you

User friendly
Available 7 days a week
Extensive product range
Tailor-made minimum orders
Live stock photos
Order stock real-time from growers
Create the webshop with your own house style


Our location in the heart of the global floriculture trade offers certain advantages: fast receipt of the product and optimal logistics facilities – such as short delivery times and refrigerated transport. But also the vicinity of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and of course the Flower Auction. Transport to and from our facilities takes place by means of refrigerated lorries, which we always inspect both on arrival and departure. This guarantees that the plants only start their journey when temperature, air humidity and all other conditions important to their well-being are optimal.


Our team

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Peter van Gijlswijk

Part of the team!
E. pvgijlswijk@quattroplant.nl

Bjorn Jongkind

Part of the team!
E. bjongkind@quattroplant.nl

Jan van Verseveld

Part of the team!
E. jvverseveld@quattroplant.nl

Gerard Blommestijn

Part of the team!
E. gblommestijn@quattroplant.nl

Arend Gunnink

Part of the team!
E. agunnink@quattroplant.nl

Martin Terlouw

Part of the team!
E. mterlouw@quattroplant.nl

Peter de Groot

Part of the team!
E. pdgroot@quattroplant.nl

Jargo Schaper

Part of the team!
E. jschaper@quattroplant.nl

Bas van Berkel

Part of the team!
E. bvberkel@quattroplant.nl

Bart Koekkoek

Part of the team!
E. bkoekkoek@quattroplant.nl

Kemp de Ron

Part of the team!
E. kdron@quattroplant.nl

Dennis Terpstra

Part of the team!
E. dterpstra@quattroplant.nl

Barry van der Zwart

Part of the team!
E. bvdzwart@quattroplant.nl

Rinze Schaper

Part of the team!
E. rschaper@quattroplant.nl

Daphne van Rheenen

Part of the team!
E. dvrheenen@quattroplant.nl

Marlies van Tol

Part of the team!
E. mvtol@quattroplant.nl

Andrea Degasperi

Part of the team!
E. adegasperi@quattroplant.nl

John de Raaf

Part of the team!
E. jdraaf@quattroplant.nl


Contact data

Quattro Plant B.V.
PO Box 1259
1430 BG Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)297 515670
E: info@quattroplant.nl

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Quattro Plant B.V.
Location 097-99 VBA Noord Sluis B7
Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

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