About us

Quattro Plant is a renowned supplier of house plants, garden plants and nursery products. After being purchased at various auctions or directly from the best growers, these products are channelled to the wholesale trade, retail sector and garden centres both inside and outside Europe.

Thanks to long-standing relationships that we have developed over the years with numerous growers and suppliers, our product range is not only exceptionally broad but also unique. Extensive experience with logistics systems, our large database and our easy-to-use, always real-time, up2date webshop enable us to guarantee the best quality and the freshest plants at the lowest prices.

Our smart digital environment is designed to immediately handle the most detailed transactions. Each item undergoes a quality check both on arrival and shipment. We ensure that you always have real-time insight into the status of your order and, thanks to product photos and descriptions, always know exactly what you have bought.